Mixed material 

17.11.21 cm 

I am Zahra Mohamadi. I’m an Iranian multi disciplinary artist from Tehran. I studied painting in Fine Arts art school and studied sculpturing at Art university of Tehran. My main concern in personal and artistic life is women's issues.  The best way I could express my concerns was the visual arts.  Especially the sculpture.  I believe that art is the most influential way of expressing myself.  In most of my work I just tried to ask questions and not judge.  Basically the artist's job is to design the theme. In general, form has a special place in my artworks.  To create and produce an artwork , I first look for the main object .  During this process, the main concept of artwork is formed.  After finding the material I want, I start to build.  In many cases I use ready made objects and add details.  But I use more than ten methods in the manufacturing process. The main concepts of my artworks are 

violence , rights , identity , body , sexual orientation and taboos.