mirror stage

tomboy phases don't pass, so now i'm stuck

in a mirror stage trynna craft a man in the

images of salvation found by thrifted flannels and

butched buzzcuts gotten since they first declared

these feelings were too soft, too soft to be one of

the boys,



     pursuits for a



they didn't know about the boys

that transitioned from fresh marble

blocks, forged sturdy with soft feelings,







        a soul

        carved array  


so now,

i'm stuck in a michelangelo mind fashioning

fleshiness, hammering out david

from a face, a body, a list of

dead syllables

Oddfellow is the poet-persona of Kenny, who is currently studying Creative Writing and African American Studies at the University of Kansas. Kenny’s has been featured in literary magazines such as RatAss Review, Name and None, and The Kiosk. Their poetry focuses on the messy fissures of gender identity, race, and crafting a language of loving oneself. They consider themselves a hip-hop aficionado and devoted lover of grilled cheese. You can check out more of their work at oddfellowpoetry.wordpress.com.