i ask if i

can call

you daddy 

my therapist

says i meant


but this is

un-likely since i

cannot say


for the same

reason you

cannot hear


instead you cross

your ankles behind


watching when i say

i love you i dont wipe

my mouth i 

crawl up from between your

legs with it still spread across

my face 

hoping not that it will germinate

inside you once you kiss me but 

instead i wish

simply for you

to feel it 

soft and warm upon your

tongue as if whispered 

lavish as the

taste of you

sucking my lips 

instead you ask for

blood to drip vivid on

our skin 

stain our


white teeth 

instead we paint in red

velvet strokes how we

hold each-other 

bare the path

of each

aching touch 

my therapist

says i meant


instead i meant only bleed for queer

gals / i only sleep with zaddies 

sterling gingerich is a queer poet living in washington dc. while working on their mfa portfolio, they are exploring the world of self-taught queer tattooing. you can find them on instagram @s_gingerich