Prima Materia (Pears)

The pear tree reminds us


     all things have 

their time to rot 


How to define rotting time-- 

is it the moment just before

        the decision to pluck?

or does it begin 

           at the top of a breath?


     commence onward

 regardless of


That plateau dangling 

in thick suspension 


Before a rapid passing of half-lives

 sweeps the canyons clean 


Slicked down by millions of

             empty stones 



      drying up of life water while overlapping 

mortality with 

   deliverance and deliverance with 

ripening, but also conflating 

ripening with 



   A ceaseless and holy closed circuit. 


Come back to the pear tree

we can hold the fruit and grind

flesh on flesh 

 which emerges as pulp 


How to define rotting time--

before, after, or during the 


My name is Sage Foote and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. My sun sign is in Taurus, my moon in Aquarius and my rising is in Pisces. I have passion for root veggies, Hello Kitty and fresh handmade soap