imperative moods

for Mack

take Lima on morning walk

to block-end bakery


pick up milk for tea in bed

come back to bed & then later


try to find the beach that

allows dogs in daytime


get caught by a few raindrops

scrape sand from your feet


barefoot in the wet street

out front of your apartment


we can wash our feet in the bathtub

plug drain with bandana & jar lid


11am isnt too early to nurse a corona

or to go back to bed with a book


so go back to bed

just hold me more


sleep away the day

in a circle of arms


& dont say goodbye

until it’s dark again


tell me I reminded you

of things you forgot you could feel


say good night

little rabbit


& feel them again

feel them always

giuseppe manley (they/them) is a queer Black poet who grew up in, and currently resides in, the state of Maine. They have two dogs, work in IT, and are fond of making three item lists. giuseppe has read for Puerto Del Sol, is an upcoming guest reader for Wend Poetry, and tweets as @gehnmy.