been going out open toed lately and i think lil freckles of glass've embedded themselves in the bottom of my foot like how when i was a child my room was so messy there were times i stepped on thumb tacks that pressed all the way in no screams just teeth clenched fingers pinch and pull pain, put it in the trash


my toes are blistered from days of crocs, my speed's limited by chanclas. i don't like any of my sneakers i need tekk i need fluidity how come every shoe that breathes prunes my feet? i need a rug in this room, debris collects too quick


i keep dreaming about ant colonies flooding my floor, dusty unlotioned feet seeking a surface away from the swarm, they real life claim sidewalk space the front steps the windowsill by the stove / i read a story last nite where someone finds the work shoes in their closet infested by a family of ants, i bugged out for a second then slept cause it was 330am


in the morning the roof  out my window burned to the touch like magnifying glass toasted sand i couldn't stand on one foot in one place more than one second, sitting in the chair the legs shifted as they pressed into the surface soft like putty. i stood on the spine of these row homes and danced to the indifferent song of the sun, dehydrated and faint three floors and forty two stairs from the street


in the shower before you came over i sat on the tub's floor and scrubbed the roof and the world from the tops and bottoms of my feet, between toes, the skin dying on the tips. i need pumice stone again i need you to kiss my feet tonight, i need to you suck my feet tonight kick my face with hairy toes i like rubbing them, i sucked your dry but moisturized blister that burst and left raw red muscles firm, stretched the length needed for function in your sketchers as we step and swelter without intention thru July afternoons

Corey Qureshi is a queer writer and musician based in Philadelphia. They work at an LGBTQ+ center and give drum lessons. They're working on a chapbook of short fiction and another one of poetry. Find a list of published work at neutralspaces.co/q_boxo. Follow them on twitter @q_boxo!