scalloped / collapsed

for Djuna Barnes

distance     then, a murmuration.
even the smallest of birds frighten

me here
  and   hurt too much.

      bless me back      offering
                     / offspring
your trick mirror      golden leash
            and gloom.
     wicked child, these hooves don't
belong   to me and i am    nothing
                     but sleep. far

far away    from the
              very spice of you.


in another long ago      i wear crushed velvet in my twin hands
 honeymoon face gathered reddish       a foxtail bride

        with my white dress and tortoiseshell purse
   i am rothschild more and more

here   i will blend in with the bear traps and the oysters
   where ants crawl as i unravel you in bisque       a pattern

Arielle Tipa is a writer / poet who lives near a haunted lake in New York. She is the Founding Editor of Occulum and author of Daughter-Seed (Empty Set Press, 2019).