Case of Apophenia


You sit in a tub of migraines

             with the picture of a Mexican stripper

                          taped to the bathroom window,

                                       thinking she pulled your mother’s pearls

                                                    from under.

You admire the way her tongue

             sweeps glitter off another girl’s lashes,

                            how her name is mnemonic:

                                      Died In Apartment, Naked, Alone.

She is legs and money tucked behind an ear,

           unlit cigar, plenty of smoke to asphyxiate.

                         Nothing like your actual mother—

juliet roses strung up by the waist,

               leaves gum-tacked to a hanger.

                              Together, they shrink, change color,

                                             play their spines like xylophones.

What Holds You at Night Becomes the Snow

X   those sheets could be bone floss

                               could be phantom

audition clothes gagging time   until     listen 'round to the deep dark sound

waterfalls spines              uncombed      of jade & feathers

ash rolls like hips                   on hips      to hips               merging with snake

black mapled     you’re asphyxiating     so i’m fixating on letter crows

                                                 their god     sticky         alkaline                   cutting

                   needled cartilage to curb      ooo, honey you tongue-kiss that girl

                    w/ rosary beads as teeth

                             remember she said

                       blow cigarette   & turn

between ribs is   beesting & hunger some kind of song   X

Ahja Fox can be found around Denver, Colorado reading at various events and open mics or co-hosting at Art of Storytelling. She publishes in online and print journals like Five:2:One, Driftwood Press, Rhythm & Bones Press, Rigorous, Moonchild Magazine, Anti-Heroine Chic, SWWIM , and more. She has also recently been included in the 2018 Punch Drunk Anthology and YANYR Anthology. A Best of the Net and Pushcart nominee, follow her on Instagram or Twitter at aefoxx.